About us

4FMV was started because we have a passion for recruiting and we do not like the current state of the staffing industry. It has become a closed market industry where too much control is in the hands of the agencies. No one is served well by this model, including the agencies. We decided to lay our cards on the table and share our rates and processes with our clients, candidates and contractors. So far the feedback has been fantastic and we are excited by our progress.

4FMV is a professional staffing firm that provides expertise in permanent, contract, project based and contingency staffing. We provide highly qualified and experienced candidates/consultants with the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting and cutting edge organizations in Canada.

4FMV is comprised of an experienced team of professionals who know the importance of making the right decisions when it comes to hiring or to accepting the right role or opportunity. We are focused on making sure that all parties are winners and that we build strong, trusting, long-lasting relationships, which we like to call partnerships.

How do we create trusting partnerships?

We build trust through building excellent relationships, hard work, strong results... Yes, you have heard this all before, but we have put our own spin on it and we call it TRANSPARENCY. Our business model is built on TRANSPARENCY for clients and our talent.

Staffing agencies have been taking advantage of their clients and their talent for far to long. Agencies have been using the closed market to hide over-billing of clients and underpaying candidates/contractors. The biggest issue is lack of transparency. This current model creates an unfair playing field. Not only is this unbalanced state frustrating for contractors and employers, it creates a highly inefficient marketplace driving up costs and fulfilment time as well as driving down productivity.

4FMV was created to bring Fair Market Value to the industry. Giving clients and candidates/consultants the opportunity to be on a level playing field and bringing trust, transparency and relationships back into the industry. We work hard everyday to make sure that our partners understand how important their trust is to 4FMV.